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Based in Atlanta, GA


PC & Nintendo Switch


Release Date:

February 25th, 2020



Maiden & Spell is a BULLET HELL based, 1v1 BATTLE GAME.  Heavily inspired by Japanese shmups and Doujin games, it features an all-girl cast of colorful characters fighting each other with bullet hell patterns.  In addition to local 1v1 matches, it features a fully realized Story Mode with unique boss fights to defeat.

Unlike other 1v1 fighters that have some bullet hell elements, Maiden & Spell seeks to capture the true spirit of bullet hell in its combat.  There are no melee attacks; everything is magical bullets.  There is no blocking or parrying, instead there are "bombs" on cooldown and hitboxes that are only about 6 pixels wide.  Your victory relies on successfully dodging the opponent's danmaku patterns... all while throwing out your own!


In search of a mysterious jewel, a group of adventurers plunge the depths of what is rumored to be the most dangerous dungeon in the world: a vast abyss known as The Great Circle.  To their surprise, they find the dungeon mostly devoid of monsters, and housing the ruins of a civilization long forgotten by the world.

As they delve deeper into this mysterious underground world, they begin to uncover the secrets surrounding the vermilion gem they seek, the monsters of The Great Circle, and the lost city once known as the Kingdom of Stars...


ROLLBACK NETCODE, yes there is online and yes the netcode uses rollback.

    Hang out and play with your friends in public or private lobbies.

・8 CUTE AND COLORFUL CHARACTERS, each with extremely unique magical attacks and abilities

・In VERSUS MODE, play in local 1v1 matches against computer or human opponents

・In STORY MODE, play as one of 4 characters against a mix of battles and special, story-specific "Magnus Attacks" that truly test your bullet hell skills

    Dive deeper into the abyss and learn the secrets of the Kingdom of Stars

    Playable on 4 different difficulty settings: VERY HARD MODE truly pushes bullet hell combat to its limit

・In TRAINING MODE, test abilities and move combinations to hone your skills

・EXTRAS such as a Music Room to listen to the soundtrack and Ultra-punishing TRUE MAGNUS attacks

Graphical options to support both 16:9 and 3:4 resolutions

Supports keyboard, keyboard+mouse, Xbox and PS4 controllers


Gameplay Trailer 2

Gameplay Trailer

Gameplay Footage


Logos and Art


"A simple, but serious fighter that looks like something out of a picture book." - IGN Japan

"There's been fighter-shooters before, but this game makes a point of being easy to play." - 4Gamer

"It’s a fun game with charming characters, great artwork and fast paced duels that could should attract fighting game fans as well as hardcore bullet hell shooter fans." - Alpha Beta Gamer

"For those who can keep up with the intricate patterns of attacks classic to the bullet hell genre, Maiden & Spell is your next challenge to beat." -

About the Developer

mino_dev is a solo indie game developer based in Atlanta who loves action games, bullet hell, and all things Japanese and anime.  He worked as a software developer at a number of mobile gaming companies before quitting to pursue PC indie game development.


The development for Maiden & Spell began in February of 2017, and after a little over a year, a free demo released in on June 26th 2018.  The full game ireleased February 25th, 2020.

Maiden & Spell Credits


>Art, programming, design





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