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Based in Atlanta, GA




Release Date:

Early 2024

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Rabbit & Steel is a roguelike "raiding" game, meant to capture the feeling of tab-target MMO raiding in an ultra-simplified form.  Instead of you and your friends having to level all the way to max in an MMORPG to fight the difficult bosses at the end, Rabbit & Steel simply lets you choose a class and start fighting bosses immediately.

The game contains the brutally challenging enemies you might expect of a game that's combining raiding and bullet hell mechanics.  Fights require both team coordination to resolve mechanics, and for players to pump out as much damage as possible to defeat the boss before the enrage.


To tackle these foes, a roguelike gearing and upgrade system lets you strengthen your character with all sorts of wacky buffs along the way.


A fairytale speaks of the Moonlit Kingdom's founding.  Once, a lonely rabbit cried out into the night, and the moon itself answered her call.  Thus, a kingdom was built to be the final solace and home of the lonely souls with no other place in the world.

As of few months ago, all contact with that place has been lost.  Investigative parties are repelled, or simply go missing.  Citizens are said to attack outsiders on sight.  A pale white tower can be seen manifesting in the city's center each night, stretching skyward.

It's up to a band of rabbit-eared adventurers to investigate these happenings, and perhaps save the lonely kingdom.


・1-4 players can play at once

・Online co-op with rollback netcode

    Matchmaking is lobby-based, with public and private lobbies

・A plethora of challenging bosses with mechanics that require coordination between allies

    Playing the game solo is possible, and replaces difficult team mechanics with equally difficult bullet hell attacks

100+ roguelike loot items with MMO-style "rolling for loot" against friends


100+ ability upgrades that are class-specific and allow you to build your character anew each run

Supports keyboard, keyboard+mouse, Xbox and Playstation controllers

Download additionally includes logos, character art, and sample music files


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Logos and Art

About the Developer

I am a solo indie game developer based in Atlanta who loves action games and bullet hell.  I worked as a software developer at a number of mobile gaming companies before quitting to pursue PC indie game development.

After releasing Maiden & Spell in early 2020, I tried building a number of different game prototypes, including strategy games, puzzle games, visual novels, and other projects that were ultimately discarded.  Also, I played a lot of Final Fantasy 14.  Perhaps a bit too much.

Development on Rabbit & Steel began in November of 2021, reusing and retooling much of the code from Maiden & Spell and some of the discarded projects.  The goal is to make a game that would bring the experience of an MMO raid to those who want to fight hard bosses with friends, without requiring everyone to grind levels and gear for 400 hours first.

Rabbit & Steel Credits


>Art, programming, design





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